The clients we serve

guaida y asociados’ clients range from large multinational corporations head-quartered in the United States and Europe, to small and medium-size partnerships and sole proprietorships of every description. Our experience and mode of operation enable us to meet the needs of “big” companies with numerous retail, service or manufacturing facilities and thousands of employees, as well as entrepreneurs with smaller work forces.

The firm draws its clients from a wide range of industries, including heavy manufacturing, cement, car assembly, construction, small shops, trucking, warehousing and distribution, pharmaceuticals, food, beer and beverages, restaurants, hotels, high-tech, banking and financial, transportation, insurance, retail and super-markets, airport operations, service organizations and department stores.

In addition to private sector clients, we had represented many public and business entities, such as the American Chamber of Commerce, the Industrial Chambers National Confederation and the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce.

We also serve nonprofit institutions, including non profit non government hospitals and charity institutions. The diversity of our client base and the depth of our experience give us the ability to anticipate and prevent many employment relations problems and to develop novel strategies to further our clients´ labor and employment objectives.