Labor and employment litigation

Within the context of individual employment actions, Mexican labor legislation and the labor courts have created a wide range of legal actions by which employees can challenge terminations and other personnel actions. With the explosive growth of employment litigations, claims of wrongful discharge have become a way of life for many companies.

We litigate on behalf of Management in federal and state labor courts and before federal and state administrative agencies throughout the country. Our litigations practice extends to:

  • Wrongful termination cases.
  • Employee benefits litigation.
  • Suits concerning employment contracts, confidentiality and non- compete agreements.
  • Injunctions against illegal strikes or striker misconduct.
  • Lawsuits based on collective bargaining agreements.

Based on our extensive experience in these areas, we have established ourselves as leaders in the litigation of labor and employment lawsuits.

This translates into innovative, effective and cost-efficient approaches to clients”™ litigation needs. Our expertise is enhanced by our cognizance of broader human resource issues such as the impact on employee morale, an employer’s ongoing relationship with a union, or its future relationship with a governmental regulatory body.

We understand that litigation is not an end unto itself. Some cases are not cost-effective to litigate. Others risk engendering additional lawsuits, or forming a rallying point for employee dissension, both of which make litigation imprudent. On the other hand, there are many cases that merit an employer going to the mat, whether because of the economic impact, the precedential effect, or policy considerations.