Strategic Planning

Planning Makes It Happen

Our clients can avoid many of these problems by consulting with us before they act, whether in relocating to a new facility, firing an employee or changing a policy. We use the wide range of our experience to evaluate the practical and legal implications of the proposed action. Will it be cause for a union-organizing drive? A strike? A claim of wrongful discharge? We encourage our clients to undertake the hard task of risk calculation before they take action.

As part of our services we conduct labor and employment audits in which we examine the entire employment process. We evaluate the legality and efficacy of hiring procedures, the establishment and communication of wage rates, benefits, disciplinary, rules and procedures concerning promotions, transfers, layoffs, and terminations. For companies lacking a full-time personnel or labor relations administrator, we serve as an adjunct human resources department, developing a wide range of programs and policies, including:

  • Maintaining non-union status
  • Supervisory training
  • Employment handbooks and applications
  • Employment evaluation, warning, release and related forms
  • Drug testing, disciplinary, absenteeism and related policies
  • Severance and early retirement plans
  • Maintaining cost-effective competitive employee benefit programs.

We advise our clients of significant developments in employment-relations Law through regular client newsletters.