Non-unionized clients

Specialized Services for Non-Unionized Private Sector Clients

Many of our clients are union-free and wish to remain so. We assist them in fostering a positive working environment with fair policies, competitive wages and benefits, and well-trained supervision, thereby providing a proven defense to union organizational efforts.

A number of our clients have initiated progressive policies concerning arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We believe that a pro-employee philosophy, rather tan an anti-union one, best serves our clients’ interests.

For those clients enmeshed in a union organizing drive, we handle all aspects of the organizational attempt, taking the clients step-by-step through the legal and practical decision-making process.

Moreover, in the overwhelming majority of cases, these campaigns have been won without long delays or litigation.

We also represent many employers whose facilities are partially unionized or who have both union and non-union operations. In such cases, we assist employers in formulating an overall strategy, taking into account the impact of labor settlements on non-union employees, as well as issues arising out of the consolidation of operations