Unionized clients

Specialized Services for Unionized Private Sector Clients

For unionized clients, we regularly negotiate collective bargaining agreements and handle all matter of contract administration, including grievances, arbitration, litigation and matters before the Federal Labor Board and the Labor Ministry. Frequently, we serve as chief spokesperson for large multi-employer bargaining units for whom we formulate and coordinate industry negotiating strategies.

For those clients whose collective bargaining agreements no longer meet today’s economic, technical or market demands, we re negotiate contracts to meet current needs. In situations where labor relations problems cannot be solved within the traditional negotiating context, we structure alternatives such as relocation, consolidation, subcontracting (outsourcing) or employee involvement programs, while insuring that all legal requirements are met.

We do not advocate a uniform approach to unions. Rather, we believe that each situation must be reviewed on its merits in light of the client’s best interests.